Allergan - Lumigan bottle was holed/empty

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I speak spanish so, sorry for my english.

Hello,I buy Lumigan and I buy this frequently, a month ago I bought the 3ml bottle because I ran out of it and the next day after buying it I left the city for a week for vacations, the first day during vacations I get the box where the bottle is and notice that is wet, not that much so I didn't thought it was the bottle inside, when opening it I found out that it indeed was the bottle and the medicine was spilling out, the bottle had holes, and all my medicine was spilled. I was not able to buy another one so I was anxious and desperate because I really care for my eyes pressure and after putting drops daily for year and a half the habit can make you feel bad, my vacations were not ruined but I felt really bed during the week, I have glaucoma and I hope you understand about the eye care.

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Monetary Loss: $44.



The same thing happened to me in Cabo. Very frustrating indeed I feel ripped off! I had 2 bottles that were empty!

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